Lindal Consulting Ltd. was established in 1991 by Don Lindal when he was offered a contract for a project in Eureka on Ellesmere Island for the summer. In 2008, the company celebrated 17 years in business providing consulting engineering services for Clients in Winnipeg, Manitoba and other Canadian locations. We have a solid team of professions including Engineers, Technologists, Draftspersons, Surveyors and Office Support staff who look forward to serving their clients for the next 17 years!


Welcome To Lindal Consulting Ltd.

Over the years Lindal Consulting Ltd. has developed a long and loyal group of Clients who include: Property Developers both Residential and Commercial, Architects; the Municipal, Provincial and Federal levels of government; Manitoba crown corporations including Manitoba Hydro; Community Planners; and numerous other Engineering consultants. The main fields of specialization that we work with are: Municipal, Transportation, Agriculture, Surveying, and Environmental.


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Lindal Consulting Ltd. is a team of Engineers, Municipal and Civil Engineers, Technologists, Draftspersons, Surveyors, Contract Administrators, as well as Management and office support staff. We have a reputation for combining professional expertise, design capabilities, attention to detail and a passion for our work that results in satisfied Clients.


Lindal Consulting Ltd. has a long and growing list of Clients. Many of these clients are located in Winnipeg and include property developers, residential subdivision developers, Community Planners, and other Engineering Consultants. We have clients in rural and northern Manitoba working on projects with both city and rural municipalities, Manitoba crown corporations, and private individuals and businesses.


Lindal Consulting Ltd. has the field staff and office support staff to provide consulting engineering services in the three main areas of: Design, Surveying, and Contract Administration. Within these services, there are many other services which Lindal Consulting Ltd. provides allowing us to participate on a "full service" basis, or subcontract basis within a project as required.